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Friday, 11 February 2011 14:59

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Once upon a time, choosing to print with Recycled or environmentally friendly stocks was a pretty hard choice. You had to expect the paper to be rough, the colour dirty and the quality of the print would never be very good. Not to mention the outrageous prices!

So to those brave souls who used recycled stocks, "We salute you". For without the early market for recycled we would never have the huge range and quality we have available today.

The new age of recycled has begun.

Today's Enviro stocks are a far cry from the old. They are perfectly at home in the finest board room and comfortably grace the best restaurant tables. Their print quality is outstanding. Many stocks are indistinguishable from virgin papers. The whites are white and the coated papers are perfectly weighted. That makes choosing to be green a whole lot easier when presentation counts.

On the flip side there are many papers which retain enough of the slight flecking of recycled to be reassuringly obviously recycled, whilst maintaining an excellent print quality. They print as well as any other paper but you can rest assured knowing you are doing your bit.

The difference between recycled and environmentally friendly stocks is significant. Recycled is made up of different percentages of pre-used paper. Some are 100% recycled other part recycled part renewable wood and many variations on the theme.

What's considered environmentally friendly papers is a little more complex. Some are created Carbon neutral. Others made in mills that run on renewable energy. There are papers which are both recycled and made in carbon neutral factories running on renewable energy. There is plenty of choice.

Price. It's an issue when it comes to print stocks. In today's market you will find a great variation in the cost of any "Green" stocks. Many people believe that they still have to pay more for it and there are plenty out there who will let you.

In truth, Environmental/recycled stocks should cost around the same as virgin papers if you follow some basic guidelines.

Choose a stock your printer knows well. The printer will also know how to get the best out of a stock they are familiar with. They will know it's limitations and can advise you if your jobs specs do not suit a certain paper.

Ask them to recommend a stock that's suitable for your job. Nobody likes to order a mill pack that will be part used then sit on a shelf, so using his/her existing stocks will be cheaper for you.

Get a few prices. Shotz does not charge more for Enviro/recycled stocks though it does cost us a little more to buy. We believe in encouraging their use. Not all printers feel this way.

Get to know your printer. They are not such bad guys and really do want to see you get the best result. We have a small list of papers below from the main suppliers. The list would make a web site of its own if we included every stock available in Australia. So we have kept it to the basics. With these papers you shouldn't go wrong and the your planet will thank you.

Total %
Additional information on Product
Titan Plus Gloss & Silk YES 0 Fibre Sourced from Certified & Well Managed Plantation Forests
CyclusPrint Matt NO 100 ISO 9001, Blue Angel, Nordic Swan, EU 'Flower',
ISEGA 14130U (Suitable for use with food stuffs), EN71-3 (Safe for use with toys)
Brillant+ YES 0 Fibre Sourced from Certified & Well Managed Plantation Forests
Master Laser No 0 Fibre Sourced from Certified & Well Managed Plantation Forests
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Backlit Displays
Business Cards
CD Sleeves
Canvas prints
Xmas Cards
Comp Slips
Counter Cards
Desk Pads

Invoice Books
Note Pads
Order of Service
Pull up Banners
Roped Banners
Shelf Wobblers
Teardrop Banners
Vehicle graphics
Vinyl Lettering
X Frame Banner

SHOTZ is environmentally responsible studio@shotz.com.au

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